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Welcome to the GFK-Monitor project!

As part of the GFK-Monitor project (fiber optic cable monitoring), a holistic monitoring system using fiber optics and tracer technology is being developed to improve the integrity of geothermal systems. The project's overall goal is to increase the production and operational reliability of geothermal systems and their efficiency, and to minimize or avoid potential environmental impacts from geothermal systems. To this end, the project will develop a comprehensive system integrity management concept for geothermal operations by using operational data, further developing innovative fiber optic cable (FOC) technology monitoring techniques, and integrating them into existing data infrastructure where possible, or developing concepts for integrating the innovative operational information for monitoring and operational optimization. The system integrity management should significantly support the operators of a geothermal plant in limiting technical and financial risks. This will enable sustainable and careful management of the reservoir to ensure economically and ecologically efficient use of deep geothermal energy. At the same time, the acceptance of the technology among the population will be further increased. The developed monitoring tools and integrative methods will also be applicable to other sites.

GFK-Monitor is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Action via the Project Management Jülich (PTJ) (funding code: 03EE4036A, project duration: July 1, 2022 - June 30, 2025, total budget: approx. 2.9 million euros).